Song No. 1 is German singer/songwriter Alev Lenz’s debut UK single. The track is delicate and fresh, not to mention the wonderful femininity of both the piano melody and Alev Lenz’s vocals. Song No. 1 manages to express a minimalist/simple feel whilst striking gold with the blissful harmonies and experimental electro. The influence of European classical is cleverly munipulated and intertwined with the electro sound to create a diverse yet simple track that is perfect for a quiet, sunny morning.  You simply can’t help but feel at ease whilst listening to this, and the steady transition from the long intro to the crux of the song is particularly effective. The use of delicate vocals and the assimilation of electro sounds are similar to that of Jessie Ware & Sampha’s ‘Valentine’ single. Song No. 1, however,  is more unpredictable with the layering of harmonic vocals and the displaced drum beat of Samuli Kosimen, which, in the track’s entirety, works wonders.  Although this is her first UK release (18th March), Alev Lenz has been working hard back home with the release of her debut album and becoming involved with soundtracks for German films. Her creative diversity is one that should be more recognised, having had her artwork being used in an enhibition, as well as performing in London’s jazz club ‘The Vortex’. 

It’s difficult to find ambience and excitement in one track, but the wholeness of Song No. 1 sends chills up my spine as well as bringing the sun out on that gloomy, March day.

Words: Cerys Kenneally

AuthorDuncan Harrison