Following the announcement of second album ‘I’m Leaving’, electronic trio Is Tropical have released a much more calm, sentimental sounding track ‘Yellow Teeth’. The 7 minute long epic is a new sound compared to that of the chaotic wonders of ‘Native To’, and is blissful to listen to. The lyrics are creative, meaningful and work well with the moody guitars, and strained, emotive vocals. The female harmony works wonders in adding to the delicate tone, and it’s definitely a new, raw Is Tropical that hasn’t been seen before now. The track is infused with early 70’s psychedelica as well as streaks of good, quintessential British pop. ‘Yellow Teeth’ has a similar raw but exotic feel to that of WU LYF, yet manages to preserve the stripped back sound that I believe will work incredibly well if their second  offering is akin to this track. The album has been produced by Luke Smith who has worked with Depeche Mode and Foals, so there’s no reason to doubt that Is Tropical have a good album waiting to be released through Paris’ Kitsune records.

Words: Cerys Kenneally

ALBUM OUT // 20051

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AuthorDuncan Harrison