A spokesman for Columbia Records said  "Throwing shadows and avoiding the industry treadmill is very David Bowie". This video came after next to no speculation (well, no more than ever) and a full announcement. David Bowie's first studio LP will come out on British shores on March 11 2013.

This song serves as a stirring preview to that offering. "As long as there's me, as long as there's you." sings Bowie on top of a track produced by Brooklyn's Tony Visconti. The musicality and drama is colossal but not over bearing. The song slowly gains momentum and becomes something that rests in the grey area between a cry for help and a euphoric realisation of nothing ever changing. The song is chilling but strangely uplifting. It's tangled in narrative and the melody is simple but perfectly poigniant. Bowie's voice doesn't sound strained and even on the more staccato delivery of phrases like "Sitting in the jungle" the quintessential element of reverie that seeps through Bowie's work appears ever present  but now masked by an almost discerning and reluctantly accepting view of the real world. 

Nothing sums this view up better than the artwork that iTunes have released for the LP (Left). The Next Day is coming. Even if the story is unsmiling and the colours aren't as obvious as they once were. On the day David Bowie turns 66 all talk of possible comebacks and reunions seem to pale in to insignificance. Don't expect interviews, and I wouldn't anticipate a morning on Ticketmaster but for now, we've got a story teller.

Words: Duncan Harrison

AuthorDuncan Harrison