The surrey based brothers that make up Disclosure have hit a new level in a la mode electro by working with AlunaGeorge- a London duo that have been shortlisted for the BRIT Award Critics’ Choice for 2013 already. White Noise is ferociously catchy, and incorporates upbeat tempo with the feisty vocals of Aluna Francis. The garage/house track is a great start to 2013, and Aluna’s vocals will definitely hit the underground clubbing scene hard, if they haven’t already. The lyrics ‘If you want to play tough, then let’s get rough’ highlight the feisty character Aluna is playing up against the relentless production. The endless sweep from weakness to strength in the lyrics proves a strong point, cracking down to the chorus in a dark and energetic manner. Disclosure and AlunaGeorge have created an anthem, and it’s extremely impressive. This track is opening doors for the landscape of pop in 2013, and it showcases the effortless cool of Disclosure and the super-swagger of AlunaGeorge. Both parties will be unmovable heavyweights in 2013 music. Get down and dirty. Skank your ruddy Jordans off- the single is out March 24th.

SINGLE OUT // 240313

Words: Cerys Keneally

AuthorDuncan Harrison