When you tour with Marilyn Manson and collaborate with a Nine Inch Nails affiliate your musical orientation as a band may seem like a foregone conclusion. You Need The Blue Key is the debut single from Binary's upcoming 'Amber EP' and actually does something quite exciting. Their sound is unmistakably aggressive- clearly dark and starless. The mono synth line that infects the song mere seconds in suits the retro-tech stylings of the video impeccably. Whilst there are streaks of heavier influences the song is most akin to the gloom-rock of The Horrors. The melody is simple but effective and runs in and out of the production once the track hits its crescendo. The band are leather-clad, dingy and unwelcoming. The song carries a really nice texture though, interesting sounds, obnoxious lyricism and hard-pressed production that make the upcoming EP a rather exciting prospect.

Words: Duncan Harrison

SINGLE OUT // 250213

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AuthorDuncan Harrison