This is my first encounter with GHXST, and they’ve won me over in the first two bars; a wonderfully scuzzy and fuzzy intro to the song seems like a fitting way to introduce new listeners to the band, which for many this track (Doom Girl) will be.

Fans of bands such as sonic youth and more recently PINS should heavily enjoy the spring reverberant, slap echo drenched howls of female vocals and guitars that seem to be deeper than the devils swinging bollocks. The video’s a bit of a controversial one, not in any sense of offending anyone but just a bit ‘errr’ but again, that’s not why either of us are here is it? If it is, perhaps you’ll be better off when ShufSounds inevitably achieves world domination and stretches its tendrils to ShufVisuals, but until that time I’ll just tell you that GHXST are a very promising act. They channel the ghost of those parts of the 90’s that you wish never died, overlapping riffs that never back themselves in to any predictable or cheesy corners, just inventive lo-fi, with a thick undercurrent of broodiness and empowerment, a must for every ripped jean and my friend goo clad nihilists everywhere. Definitely worth a listen and a self conscious head bang. Expect a lot more from them this year coming.

Listen and download it for free.

Words: Jake Williams, London, UK

AuthorDuncan Harrison