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For this issue we got a chance to have a chat with up-and-coming event and music platform atone. Ahead of its upcoming debut party on 15th December, founder Hollie Price gave us an insight into what the project is all about and provided an extra special recording of her b2b set with MLB, live from Whiffin Square.

What is atone?

Atone is a music platform and event aimed to represent the avante garde side of electronic music, set up and run by myself (Hollie). 

What inspired you to set it up?

I’ve been djing for the past 4 years and producing music for the past 2, and have realised over time that my style and tastes are eclectic and vary from a lot of techno parties currently held within London. I don’t enjoy the idea of having to compromise your own sound and tastes to fit with a particular event so decided to do my own thing and push what I believe to be a really fresh sound and energy for the London scene. I believe you get wayyyy more enjoyment out of it that way. 

I also feel like a lot of parties in London rely heavily on big names to bring in crowds rather than the party itself being really good and known for that, hence why atone is not based around booking a headliner and instead aims to represent a lot of hidden London talent, attracting people back to the party knowing that the music and vibe will be consistent.

What are the goals with atone?

I definitely want to keep running and developing the parties,  I also aim to set up ‘atone’ as a record label and start releasing music of my own and other artists.

What are your influences as a DJ & producer?

My main influence over the past year has been Bjarki, an Icelandic producer and label owner. His productions and sets are so unique and uncompromising and these these are two integral values I aim to grasp with atone. 

What’s the day job for you?

Currently I am working part time in an office to help fund my ambitions within music, whilst also interning at a number of different companies within the music industry including Phonica Records, NTS & Above Board Distribution. I also work at Fabric Nightclub on the weekends as artist liason.   

What artists do you think we should be keeping our eyes on?

Volruptus. He’s had a couple of releases this year, one being on bbbbbb records (Bjarki’s label) and also on Trip. Both are so unique and forward thinking.

Whats coming up next for atone?

We have a party coming up on 15th December at The Nest in Dalston. I’m so excited about this one. The line up consists of some amazing talent. Profex, a Birmingham based DJ who I have been following for a while now, is coming down to London to play. His sets are very dynamic and high energy. We’ve spoke about his plans for his set on 15th and he said he's going to shell it haha, so I can’t wait to see what he is going to bring. I will also be joining him on the bill for the night, so I can’t wait to play too.

You can find tickets for atone Showcase on 15th December here. More details can be found on the event page. Check out her mix below.

Words: Tai Kolade

AuthorDuncan Harrison