For any fan of an aged rock band there is always the worry that they will hang up their guitar straps and call it a day. That day is not today for Counting Crows. Their legacy dates back to '91 where their Cali charm first started making waves. It might not appear trendy to like them as they've graced Shrek soundtracks and Maroon 5 tours alike but in 2013- the year when Chad Kroeger is set to wed Avril Lavigne I think they are still a bad worth celebrating.

They released their sixth studio album Underwater Sunshine recently which has all the usual loyal sounds you’d come to expect. For a big band they create a simple and easy sound bordering on the cusp of Country. Adam Duritz’s melancholic vocals and melodies are still as mesmerizing as they were in the 90’s but this time round they were not his own. This album brings the opportunity for Counting Crows to cover some of their favorite records.

Cover records are risky business. You’ll either love them or hate them. A great song performed by someone else doesn’t always work. Sheryl Crow's cover of Sweet Child of Mine is a good example of how a cover record can leave you close to hating the original. Luckily Counting Crows Didn’t stray to far from the originals which doesn’t leave much room for hatred. The records are carefully picked to fit with their existing sound, and without knowing its a covers record, its a perfect addition to their catalogue.

Country Music just doesn't sit that well with the UK but that never stopped Counting Crows early 90’s success and it hasn’t stopped them returned this year for another tour of the place. Bristol, Manchester, London, Birmingham and Glasgow are all playing host to a band who deservedly haven't died.

Words: Joshua Rivers

AuthorDuncan Harrison