1) Pink Floyd - 151066

Playing on the venue's opening night, Pink Floyd's performance marked the beginning of what was to become the Roundhouse's diverse and progressive live music trajectory. 

2) The Jimi Hendrix Experience - 220267

Just a few months after its opening event, Jimi Hendrix presented his distorted guitar sound to a Roundhouse audience. 

3) Kraftwerk - 101076

Supported by National Health, Kraftwerk introduced their groundbreaking synth style to the UK music scene in the autumn of '76. 

4) Blondie - 050378

Performing in 1978, Blondie would return in both 2013 and 2014, showing the American rock group's affinity to the Roundhouse stage. 

5) Jay Z - 170909

Following the release of The Blueprint 3, Jay Z unleashed his live hip-hop show in the Roundhouse's intimate surroundings.  

6) Tinariwen - 271011

October 2011 saw the arrival in North London of Tinariwen's beautiful Malian folk and blues compositions. 

7) FKA Twigs - 200215

FKA Twigs took to the Roundhouse stage in early 2015, performing songs from her full-length debut summer release Two Weeks

8) D'Angelo - 130715

After his return in the form of Black Messiah with his band The Vanguard in late 2014, the Roundhouse was treated to an intimate offering of the legendary D'Angelo's back catalogue.  

9) Nils Frahm - 220515

Gracing the Roundhouse stage last year, Nils Frahm brought his compelling blend of classical and electronic sounds to the iconic space. 

10) Matthew Herbert - 100816

Utilising  Ron Arad's 360° Curtain Call installation, this summer saw the innovative DJ play tracks from his recent A Nude (The Perfect Body) in an immersive live performance.


Words: Georgia Tobin

AuthorDuncan Harrison