Moderat is a band so perfectly and strikingly a sum of its parts; Apparat, with his ambient and emotional solo sound, blends harmoniously with Modeselektor’s exuberant talents. Nearing the end of their extensive and celebrated 2016 tour, off the back of their third album III, the trio found a fitting home in the Warehouse Project season with their performance at the Grade II listed, atmospheric, and totally intimate Albert Hall. 

It quickly became evident that the crowd were solely there for the headline act, an enthusiasm which wasn’t shared as equally with warm-up act Lone. In a standard but solid warm up performance, he welcomed the evening with long, ambient sounds and mellow house tones. Cranking up the atmosphere in the run up to Moderat’s entrance, it was a shame his efforts were mostly ignored by the crowd, who agonisingly took 30 seconds to applaud him after he had left the stage. 

Moderat's reception could not have been more different. Entering the dark stage in the true Berlin style of completely black outfits, Moderat’s welcome lit up the whole hall. Immediately entering into the beautiful and chilling Ghostmother from their latest EP, Apparat’s powerful but gentle voice was beautifully dominant and would prove to be a real highlight of the night. Next it was onto a Moderat favourite, A New Error; although Apparat had to run offstage to fix a technical difficulty (something I thought was a purposeful edit), the visuals transformed it into a captivating performance. The sheer darkness of the set - with only a projector shining onto a sparse black background - was extremely mesmerising, this monochrome theme adding to the intensity of tracks like Running or Rusty Nails (a song which has a peculiarly similar feel to Skream’s In for the Kill remix).

The second half of Moderat's performance was filled with instrumental pieces and outings from their sophomore album. Amongst stand-out tracks such as Last Chance, a bonus track from II, and Les Grandes Marches, it was No. 22 which created a particularly special atmosphere. A track that may not have demanded a lot of attention within their first album, it really did sound remarkably more impressive live, adding a sense of dynamism to the song which turned out to be my favourite of the night. The encore was surprisingly mellow yet still enchanting, dominated by the incredibly popular Bad Kingdom. After the band had left the stage for the second time, the crowd decided that they were not leaving until they had heard more. This lead to something I’ve never seen before: a second encore. As Moderat voiced how impressed they were with their reception (don’t they say that to everyone?), the duo proceeded to treat the crowd to one last song, Versions.

Safe to say it was a night of both amazing vocals and visuals, cementing my determination to see Moderat whenever I get the chance.


Words: Kelly Raymond

Photography: Sebastian Matthes


Set list 

  1. Ghost Mother
  2. A New Error 
  3. Running 
  4. Abandon Window (Moderat remix)
  5. Eating Hooks
  6. Eating Hooks (Siriusmo remix)
  7. Rusty Nails
  8. Reminder
  9. Animal Trails
  10. Last Time 
  11. Les Grandes Marches 
  12. No. 22

encore 1

  1. Milk
  2. Bad Kingdom
  3. The Fool
  4. Intruder

Encore 2

  1. Versions
AuthorDuncan Harrison