Kalim ‘Khushi’ Patel performed his much awaited debut EP ‘Phantoms’ at Electrowerkz in London on Thursday. After spending 2013 making a quiet yet dynamic entrance into the music industry, playing some one-off acoustic sessions followed by some fairly high profile support slots. Watched by friends and family in the intimate venue he walked around the room during set up, looking as comfortable as one would imagine he would be in his own home.

The band walked onto the stage, supported by a wave of cheering and whooping, and without a seconds hesitation dove straight into the falsetto of ‘When You Start’ – a powerful and fitting choice by the Londoner. The atmosphere in the room immediately became electric, with sheer excitement pulsing through the crowd. The passion for music was unmissable from the off. The soft melody contained a dream like quality; and the audience, barely inches apart in the packed out room of Electrowerkz, responded by swaying their bodies in perfect time.
The band were as lost in their music as the audience was, not unnoticed by Khushi who stated “you could hear a pin drop” - a fitting description for an audience mesmerised by the ghostly harmonies and the live embellishment of ‘Never Never’. The set saw the performance of older tracks, ‘You Say’ and the EP’s namesake ‘Phantoms’ were clear highlights, supported by Peter Lyons whose remix features on the album. 

Not to mention the first live performance of the new songs set for the extended play, ‘One for Me’ and ‘In the Sun’. The word humble resonates seemed synonymous to the Khushi experience, making sure he took the time to say a big thank you to Kevin, a man who returned his lost guitar back to him, with everyone in the vicinity shouting out his name merrily at the tops of their voices. The set drew to a close with the enchanting ‘Magpie’, Khushi crooning “I want you and not somebody else”.

Words: Kiran Grewal

AuthorDuncan Harrison