The atmosphere within XOYO was illuminating the second you entered. The vibe was set – dim lighting, and a small venue. Lovepark, a band from Burgess Hill opened the show at 8:30, setting the bar with their unique sound; influenced by artists such as The Beach Boys, The Cure and Bjork - from the very beginning the gig promised an intimate performance by an eagerly anticipating audience.

Outfit’s appearance on stage was enough to ensnare everyone in the room. The music from their debut album ‘Performance’ projects their laid back ethos – effortlessly cool and relaxed, with the perfect blend of electronic pop to keep your body moving to the pulse of the beat. The concept of identity in their image and music projecting from them at all angles. The set began without an introduction from the Liverpudlian band; struck by the heavy bass of 'House on Fire', as the long intro began, stunning the audience into a mesmerised silence.

The adaptations of sound from studio recorded tracks to the live performances have noticeable alterations; the warmer tones that emit from ‘Drakes’ was replaced by a steelier sound from the guitar, combined with Hunt’s sharp outcries to conclude the track. This variation had a profound consistency throughout the set, creating a chilling vibe peppered with infectious hooks and melodies. This remained true for the album’s title track ‘Performance’, with only the keyboard and guitar accompanying the vocals; it was stripped back and presented a haunting and darker exposition of the lyrics. 

The band remained fairly stationary from start to finish, with the occasional intense movement as they got lost in their music. The obscure look in the lead vocalist’s eyes were explained when Hunt announced he was suffering “from chronic insomnia and food poisoning” to which he added, made him “feel pretty spaced out”, adding to atmosphere in the basement stage of XOYO and the distant vocals that extended itself throughout the capacity.

The night was drawn to a close with a powerful breakdown of the track ‘Elephant Days’ sending the crowd into an eruption of movement, heads banging, arms flying, as pure elation spread from person to person; a clear shift from the usual sway of mobility. Outfit have the unique ability to shock. Their fusion of space pop and electronic music is enough to not only attract attention, but to hold it.

Words: Kiran Grewal

AuthorDuncan Harrison