Madam Jojo's, London

For a band that describe themselves as ‘Disco House Pigs’, it was hard not to feel a sense of overwhelming enthusiasm about the night’s proceedings as Los Porcos were set to play White Heat at Madame Jojo’s. The famed indie night is renowned for launching fresh acts and there was a palpable sense of excitement for these pork adoring Mancunians who were about to unleash their second ever London show.

The seven piece band who formed from the ashes of WU-LYF, Famy and solo project Profondo strutted on stage in white clockwork orange attire and opened with a disco-stomping number that was to set the tone for the night. Layered with modulated soul-infused guitar licks and bass grooves that wouldn’t sound out of place on the ‘Boogie Nights’ soundtrack, the crowd embraced the fun-loving energy that they oozed. Whilst cynics would label them as a joke that had got out of hand with the band members interacting in an almost faux-American dialogue, the audience of Madame Jojo’s disregarded such pretenses. The harmless funk that these boys served up was embraced with open arms and with each track, the band amped up the room more and more until the all important bongo player leapt on to a bed of waving hands. It was also apparent that front man Bruce Yates wasn’t feeling too shy either as he intimately sung face to face with the adoring crowd, pressing his face right up to the lenses of the cameras beneath him. There were even moments when Bruce voluntarily gave his mic to the crowd so they could playfully mimic his falsetto squeals as if it was some sort of disco karaoke night.

However, the highlight of the set came with the performance of soundcloud favourite and the undeniably sassy ‘Do You Wanna Live?’ which saw the climax of the party. The introductory guitar riff was distinctly familiar to the audiences’ ears as it prompted a number of them to frantically rebound off of each other in unison to the irresistibly groovy number. Despite a short 6 song set, the party-goers of Madame Jojo’s had worked themselves in to a sweat before it was all over. Nevertheless, this didn’t stop them going absolutely nuts for Los Porcos' finale ‘Talkin' 'Bout Makin' Love’ which lyrically has a Flight of the Conchords feel to it- just as fun-loving as it is irresistible. It prompted hordes of disco-fiends to party on stage with the band who bounced joyously along with them in what concluded the refreshingly fun experience. The not-so kosher band aren’t aiming to convert the snobby critics at all and whilst these songs may just be jams that have emerged initially as a joke, they have actually managed to craft legitimately sound pop songs. If you’re down for a party, make sure you catch Los Porcos when they’re next out of the pen. 

Words: George Hemmati

AuthorDuncan Harrison