I have no doubt in my mind that if I knew Greta Kline when I was in high school I would spend the vast majority of my time following her around, hiding my true feelings, and daydreaming about her. In reality, this never happened but upon listening to one of Kline’s forty plus records, one can’t help but close their eyes and dream. Recording under the moniker Frankie Cosmos, nineteen year old Kline has a voice like a teenage Liz Phair and a work ethic reminiscent to early 80s Daniel Johnston. Utilizing her preternatural ability to create intimacy, Kline has mastered Frankie Cosmos’ tone - delicate, honest, clever, and gloriously mopey - strung together with lyrics as emotional as they are economical. Greta also happens to be the daughter of 80s dream girl Phoebe Cates and Big Chill MVP Kevin Kline; a legacy she is swiftly shaking off with each new Frankie Cosmos release. I had the pleasure of asking her some questions following the release of her new studio full length Zentropy. 

Do you think your music is defined by youth? How do you see your music evolving as you age?

I don't think my music is defined by youth, but I do think it will evolve and change as I grow..hopefully I will just continue to learn more about music and songwriting, and also as my life changes that will affect my music.

You’ve mentioned that you got into Beat Happening when you were thirteen, how does someone get into a band that good that early?

I have an older brother with a pretty expansive knowledge of music. He showed me lots of cool bands and started taking me out to see music when I was in middle school.

What exactly happens when two butts touch? Paint a picture for our readers.

Basically you just face away from each other and squish your butts together. This is a good sleeping position for couples when it's too hot or uncomfortable to spoon-- a nice cold soft butt touch does the trick.

I’ve seen some people refer to you as the “Lena Dunham of indie rock” in not the most flattering way. Where do you think this impression comes from? How does it make you feel?

This is the first I've heard that, but I'm guessing it's because Lena Dunham & I are both NYC private school kids, children of working artists, and pursuing creative paths? Some people have a knee-jerk reaction to that, they make a lot of assumptions about your life or how you were raised. So to answer your question, it doesn't make me feel anything, since I don't know the people that made the statement, or what they meant by it. But I can tell you that I've always loved Lena Dunham's web show "Delusional Downtown Divas"!

Is “I’m hi I’m sorry lets go” a Daniel Johnston reference? 

I don't know that reference, sorry! Though I do reference DJ in some songs.

What was going on in your life when you made that record?

I made "im sorry im hi lets go" when I was back home after spending some time on tour. The songs are all over the place-- a few songs are leftover from my notebooks on Germany tour (DADDY COOL has mostly songs from then too), one song is mainly a reference to DC Schneider (our good friends we toured with), some are love songs, and some are about feeling out of place socially (on tour and back home).

You sing pretty frankly about smoking pot in some of your lyrics. Do you ever censor yourself in your songs for fear of your parents hearing them? 

Many of my songs are not written from my own perspective. A lot of them are stories or have fictional elements. My parents listen to all my music, and no, I am never worried about their reaction because they know that it's not a diary.

Words : Nick Boyd

AuthorDuncan Harrison