As the saucy name would suggest, the boys of Ménage à Trois could give a masterclass in serving up sexy, late night grooves. To find out more about their latest helping 'The Bogans of Life', we conversed with the provocatively funky trio about their habitat, generational gaps and hip-hop production.

For the uninitiated, who are Ménage à Trois?

Ménage à Trois are Craig, Jonathan and Joe. We are a bogan shemale threesome currently residing in Manchester.

Apart from Stupid Sexy Flanders, what else inspires you as a band?

We are always sending each other all kinds of music . A song I think we all loved recently is 'A Different Corner' by George Michael. Our friend Hannan put it on at a practice and Jonathan said it already sounded like something we would make, with the production. She said it was a song her mum liked, we aren't afraid to admit we actually like that kind of stuff.

You channel a Bee Gees vibe in your music (particularly after covering 'Islands in the Stream'), what do you think it is about Manchester that makes it such fertile land for great music?

It's a similar thing with 'Islands In The Stream', I've shown that song to people of my parents generation and their reaction has sometimes been, "that's a really dodgy song from when I was growing up?" sort of thing but our generation remembers it more from Ghetto Supastar so it's more acceptable to them. 

The Bee Gees are interesting because like 10cc, they were Manchester bands before it was a thing. Their music seems a lot more transatlantic than the more traditional Manchester bands such as Joy Division. We'd like to be given the freedom that they had and not be like "you have to have a black and white picture of yourself looking sad in the rain". It seems a lot of people outside of Manchester really buy into the legend of it all, but most people making music here are trying their best to get away from anything traditionally Manchester in their music.

I think though, the bad weather in Manchester does contribute because you often have to keep yourself entertained indoors and in our case substitute the lack of sunshine with sunny music/visuals. 

Our favourite Manchester band is Durrutti Column, their/his music is light years ahead of anything from the city, even the world.

Littered with funky textures and soulful samples, talk us through your latest effort 'The Bogans of Life'. 

'The Bogans of Life' began as a selection of songs we were working on started to have a "hip hop" theme running through, 

I moved to London for a couple of months last year and then was filming in Hawaii and Australia so I had less access to the guitars and keyboards we used to create the songs on 'The Bogans of Death'. This meant I relied more on samples and midi keyboards to create the songs.

We initially thought to put the tracks out on DatPiff because it's what Lil B uses to put out his mixtapes, but the paly counter is a bit vulgar if you're a humble band like us and the fact that Bandcamp gives people the chance to pay if they want really helps us out. 

Do you have any upcoming UK shows?

We don't have any UK shows booked as we played Manchester on Friday and we are concentrating on playing MIDI festival in Hyeres, France.

Any parting words?

We are going in the studio in September to record our first album and on Monday 14th July we will be publishing a video retrospective here.

Words : George Hemmati

AuthorDuncan Harrison