Its hard to name a label as iconic and with such a rich history as Stones Throw Records. An incredible past and present roster lead by Peanut Butter Wolf, Stones Throw play a significant role in the music industry. So its only right that a film should document their endless successes. ‘Our Vinyl Weights A Ton’ tells the story of the labels rise to glory. Shuf spoke with the director Jeff Broadway on how the film came about, his relationship with Peanut Butter Wolf and how its impossible to get hold of Doom.

How did the film come about, who approached who?

One day, I sent a cold email to the Info account at Stones Throw. Several hours later, I heard back from Wolf. Several days later, I met him for the first time. I gave him a copy of my first film - Cure For Pain - he watched it; dug it; and agreed to entrust me with the project. 

Before starting the film were you an admirer of Stones Throw?

I'd been a fan of the label since about 2004 - when I heard 'Madvillainy' for the first time. 

Did you come close to getting an interview out of Doom?

Very close. Had plans to go to London. Had a couple days blocked off to shoot. Then his camp went cold, and I never heard from them again. 

How much ended up on the cutting room floor from the Kanye interview?

Kanye's interview was about 45 minutes long. So yes - I am sitting on a never-before-released Kanye West interview from January 2013. I wonder how many other people can claim that? 

Did you feel you had to protect the integrity of the Stones Throw as a brand? It's one that means a lot to a lot of vinyl heads. Was that something you had to think about?

Of course. I worked closely with Wolf and other folks at Stones Throw throughout production. Integrity was something I was hyper-aware of. Hopefully the film indicates as much. 

How much digging did you have to do to find the archive footage?

Not much. Wolf had loads of material he delivered right at the onset. Some other folks, like J Rocc and House Shoes were really helpful in that department as well. 

How closely did you work with Peanut Butter Wolf, and how did you find it?

Yeah - as I said, Wolf and I worked together very closely toward the end of the edit. Called him in to make sure we'd gotten everything, chronologically speaking, correct. It was a pleasure. 

How do you feel the reaction has been whilst touring the film?

The reaction has been totally awesome. We've gotten to play so many markets theatrically. Wolf's been out there hitting the pavement with it. So pleased. 

Do you have any particular moments whilst filming that will stick with you?

My day with Folerio. That was quite something. Definitely a shoot I'll always remember. 

Anything else you would like to add?

The film will be available on DVD, Blu-ray, and digitally May 27. DVD and Blu-ray will both be packaged as a 2-disc box set featuring a 26-song soundtrack as well. Cop it, and enjoy! Cheers.

Words: Jacob Roy

AuthorDuncan Harrison