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Peace have made incredible progress in the past year, from releasing the brilliant EP ‘Delicious’ with the infectious Binary Finary cover of ‘1998’, to releasing their debut album ‘In Love’, which has also had fantastic success. I sat down with the band before their album launch gig at Rise in Bristol to discuss their album and surrounding topics over coffee, food and I bought a WU LYF vinyl.

In Love went really well for you guys- how do you feel about the excitement surrounding it?

Harrison: Good, I feel good. Yesterday was the first day it felt real I guess, like, we’ve got an album out. Yeah it’s cool, people like it, which is good.

Considering your efforts in the rising Birmingham scene, how important are your live shows?

Harrison: Our live shows are very important, it’s kind of like the ethos of the band, it’s what we’ve always done; loads of touring.

Doug: It’s fun to do all the new songs cause we can play with them live, we don’t have to play them spot on, we can have fun with the songs.

Harrison: It’s a good way to become a good band. I think just playing live is also good for your dynamic and the way you know each other. Being on the road together makes you quite a tight band and I don’t understand why bands don’t tour as much as they can in their early stages, it’s weird.

Doug: I don’t want to go and watch bands that just sound exactly like the record, what’s the point?

So obviously you’ve released all your music so far on vinyl as well as other forms. But why vinyl?

Dom: I think it’s nice to do it.

Harrison: Physical.

Dom: Something to touch.

Sam: It’s something special.

Doug: There’s something eternal about vinyl’s as well, cause I’ve got all my dad’s records, it feels like they’re always gonna be in my life.

You’ve sold out at Birthdays in London on your forthcoming tour, how does that feel?

Harrison: Good.

Sam: Great.

Dom: Yeah it’s cool, nice that people want to come.

Harrison: Yeah I’m glad we did. It’s a smaller venue than we could’ve done so we’re doing four nights there, which is something I’ve never really seen a band do before. Everyone at this stage goes for their first big London headline show, but we decided to go back and do a smaller show four times, it’s weird but it works. It’s gonna be a weird one.

Some would say Peace is a cliché name, what inspired you to choose it?

Harrison: I don’t know. It just felt quite ‘us’. When we were thinking of band names we thought of ‘Girls’, but that’s already taken.

But they’ve sort of dissolved now, you could take it?

Harrison: Maybe, I don’t think Christopher Owens would be too happy, he seems quite catty; he might be a bit pissed off. But yeah, Peace just seemed to really work for us.

You’re playing a lot of festivals this year, is that surreal?

Harrison: I guess it will be when we’re there, we haven’t really thought about it yet.

Dom: Going large.

Anything else to add guys?

Sam: I like Dom’s iPad cover, this red thing.

Dom: Yeah, why the fuck isn’t the wi-fi working?!

Words: Cerys Kenneally


AuthorDuncan Harrison