Musicians can sometimes over prepare. On occasion, the mastermind branding and long-play marketing can drown out the sound of potentially credible musicians. Søren Løkke Juul aka Indians could not be blamed for this. The Copenhagen musician embarked on this project with no sense of aim or ambition and got picked up by 4AD and is now promoting his debut studio LP 'Somewhere Else'. It started late, and moved fast which appears to be a feeling Søren hasn't adopted personally. He's mellow, like his city. With a placid approach to his art. Things are developing for Indians. It's the speed that's passing him by.

ShufSounds went outside to talk to Indians before his Bristol show.

“I think we have to develop a lot of things. This is a start. Everyday we do things we get better and better. I’m not satisfied with how it is right now. You have to be reasonable and let it get there.” This is the artist discussing the rapid movement of his project. Whilst this is a fairly talked-about major UK headline tour, he seems to consider it somewhat of a working progress. Rapid doesn't really cut it, the speed is mostly the result of an aimless paddle in to music. “I made one song and I had a friend of mine make a video. She basically just filmed with her iPhone. That was it. The idea was, I wanted to share with my friends on the internet, it happened that my friends started sharing it. Their friends started sharing it. Suddenly it was out- on a journey of its own. I can remember seeing it on a Swedish music blog called That Hipster Porn, it’s a really nice blog and they have a lot of viewers every day.” The sound of experimentation that runs through the record is owed solely to this journey. Especially seeing as, at first, an album was the be-all and end-all of the Indians story. “It was totally a studio project. It wasn’t long before I had made like 4 songs and we had a request to play live. I started making songs to be able to play live. February last year- that’s when we played the first Indians live show.” 

The native Copenhagen isn't a place instantly associated with alternative music however the scene is busier than you might think. “There’s a couple of bands. We actually have one danish band signed to Bella Union. They’re called Treefight For Sunlight. Sleep Party People, really nice band. Choir of Young Believers, they’re out there. Playing Europe and the US.” They all share the apparent carelessness of Indians. It's quite refreshing when the British music scene is so congested with trend setters and projects that often appear over-thought. Copenhagen is a place of tranquility which fed the sound of 'Somewhere Else'. “It’s an influence. There’s a reason Beach Boys sound like Beach Boys. They live in California. Smoke a lot of weed. Copenhagen is mellow. It’s mellowed. It’s a mellow city. I didn’t think about sounding like Copenhagen. It just happened. I’m playing around.” 

The Indians experience is a mellow one. The tour itself sounds more like musicians travelling who never really planned on the tour. In fact, less musicians- more music-people. “Today we listened to PJ Harvey, ‘Let England Shake’. I’m listening to Kurt Vile, I like Purity Ring- a lot. That’s their first album, they’ll do really well. Its turning in to its own genre, Grimes is doing it. We have bands in Denmark doing it to.” He's a switched on Muso who has stumbled in to international performances. It's actually something quite special. “I think after this European thing, I’ll fly to LA. I have another band in the states, 2 girls, I have to practice with them. We never played before. We have 3 days before our first show. It’s a nice job to have.”

There's unfinished business for Indians and the end isn't necessarily in sight. His attitude to music is very openhanded and ungrudging. For now, he will carry on, and do the very best he possibly can. “Recording music is a really selfish thing I think. I don’t think about audience or anything I just think about, playing around, I just want to satisfy myself. I want to make the best performance as possible. I know I’ve got to play tomorrow so I’m not going to stay up all night drinking. That’s what I like about it- you’re here to create a moment.” He might not have planned it. But he'll make it happen right.

Words: Duncan Harrison

AuthorDuncan Harrison