LA based Hip-Hop artist Jonwayne is beginning to make quite a name for himself, signed to Stones Throw Records he has already released three mixtapes working with the likes of Flying Lotus and Jerimiah Jae, including a rework of Pusha T’s 'Numbers on the Board'. And his skills don’t stop at rap either, he has been heavily praised for his production. Hot off the release of his debut album 'Rap Album One', Shuf were given the opportunity to catch up with Jonwayne, who has just finished his tour with Mount Kimbie. We chatted Cassettes, Fifa and Sandals.

You first established your self as a highly respected producer, what motivated you to make the transition to rap?

I was a rapper to begin with so it wasn't so much a transition as it was a return to form and attempt to include all of my passions into one music.

Your previous mix tapes were all released solely on cassette; why was this and are cassettes something you would like to use more as a recording format?

Cassette was about paying homage to how I first discovered and fell in love with hip-hop. I decided to make music on a cassette 8-track and release it on cassette.  It was a passing idea, though. Cassette 2 and 3 weren't made on cassette but they stuck to the format anyway.  I'm done with cassettes.  It was just for that series.

Rap Album One is an impressive debut and ‘The Come Up Part 1’ was a real personal highlight, what was it like to work with Scoop DeVille and have you got any work with other artists lined up?

I work with Scoop frequently, and to include him on the album was great as I only wanted friends and family involved.   I always work with artists, so sure, there's some stuff lined up.

You have recently been touring with Mount Kimbie, what sort of funny stuff went down and how was it to get on the road with material from Rap Album One?

All we did on tour was play FIFA on PlayStation, play shows, drink and make wild jokes.  It was a blast.  It was my first tour doing a full rap set so I saw it as great and much needed practice.

What convinced you to sign to Stones Throw Records and have you found being on such a well-respected label has helped you develop as an artist?

Seeing them really spend time with their artists' growth had me decide to run with them.  They have definitely provided me with the needed resources and opportunities to help me grow into the artist I want to be.

The cover of your new album is a saltine cracker, what is your favourite food to eat on a cracker?

The combination of salmon and cream cheese on a cracker, is pretty classic.

This year has been a big year for Hip-Hop and seen a lot of impressive albums released, what were your personal highlights?

Durag Dynasty.  Alchemist & Prodigy, Jeremiah Jae & Oliver the 2nd's Rawhyde, Run the Jewels.  Quelle's album coming out on the same day as mine is also great.

With such an exciting future ahead, where do you hope to be in a year?

Out of my parents' house.

We are seeing a few Hip-Hop artists delve into the fashion industry, if you had to design a garment what would you choose?


Thanks Jonwayne.

 'Rap Album One' is available on Stones Throw Records.

Words: Adam Gardiner + Jacob Roy


AuthorDuncan Harrison