March 8th is International Women's Day. We're celebrating by showcasing the talent of our female writers who make the site function. 


Lois Browne

"Heavy Flow essentially pieces together Skinny Girl Diet’s political musings, personal grievances and feminist commentaries. Still unsigned, the group’s debut release is an impressive unapologetic piece of work that honestly and directly challenges the structures of contemporary society." 

Lydia Entwistle

"Crafted with such astute and discerning intention, Solange’s album should be celebrated not only for its soulful musical artistry, but its thematic richness and emotional generosity."

Arnaz Marker

"Always speaking frankly and honestly, Ray is really the perfect example, proving that young British artists are successfully breaking the underground music scene with their creativity, passion and perseverance."

Kelly Raymond

"Exhibiting their obsessive and perfectionist stance, every track reveals numerous layers of sounds, synths and beats. However, through the seemingly chaotic arrangement, there is still a beautiful simplicity, a speciality Juju & Jordash do so well."

Josie Roberts

"Precious Systems is a truly remarkable debut, one that takes the natural and manmade landscapes of Guion’s home city and transforms them into a gripping and enticing soundscape. It is New Orleans through the flickering of heat-warped Super 8 film: hazily antiquated, intangible, spell-binding."

Georgia Tobin

"Sprawling and transcendent at times, introspective and intimate at others, Valere Aude skilfully unites the old with the new, constructing an ode to both forgotten memories of the past and dancefloors of the present. It's electronic music at its most immersive, and its most thoughtful."



AuthorDuncan Harrison