I own an album called "Good Vibes: the Jingly Jangly Sound of Summer". If they release a second edition, San Mei would make the cut. 

"My name is Emily, I'm from the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. I make music under the name San Mei and my debut single comes out on the 16th September." 

All other information is superfluous and here is why...

First heard at the turn of the year ‘Watch the Breezes’ commands your attention despite barely seeming to rise above a whisper. In fact, its very subtlety is what has you hanging on her every word. The soothing echo of the drums complimented by the never jarring but relentlessly stirring synth creates an aural canvas which sheds all context and takes you elsewhere. A place from which you reluctantly return as the song concludes. 

For a while this was all San Mei gave us but six months later her debut single ‘Brighter’ is coming up to release [26.09] having already amassed several thousand plays and numerous favourable reviews. I fear this arrived too late to become the summer anthem is was written to be: ripe for remix and best enjoyed at sunset. Nevertheless the level of progression is promising, this sounds like a single: seamlessly uniting her complex, hollow and at times haunting tones with the contrastingly simplistic, yet optimistic tune.

Listen if: 

  • you like Lyyke Li.
  • you were disappointed by how same-y Lana Del Rey’s recent single was.
  • If you want Aluna George to release another album already.

Words: Georgette MK


AuthorDuncan Harrison