SZA, recently signed and ambitious, manages to combine R&B with a compelling production that makes her distinctive, intriguing and impossible to ignore. The St. Louis born singer achieves an unflustered tone in songs such as ‘Time Travel Undone’ and ‘Wings’, whilst still creating a sense of euphoria and exhilaration through her soft harmonies and delicate pitching. Her EP ‘S’, which is up for free download on soundcloud, shows experimentation with different soundscapes and also a weight of character in the irresistible delicacy of her vocals.

This has been noticed by others, such as TDE, who have recently signed SZA, making her label mates with the Kendrick Lamar. The fact that SZA has been singing for just over a year breaks the boundaries of her peers who have been pursuing careers for a lot longer and adds to the excitement of the ‘new girl on the block’ image. SZA’s talent in freestyling lyrics adds to her image as an uncompromising artist who might not know her own strength.

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Words: Cerys Kenneally 


AuthorDuncan Harrison