It’s not often we come across a band that formed through playing covers around the campsite at Reading Festival. BOYS, the West London 3-piece, drench the cold air in UV goodness opposed to the dreary rain we get gloomy over. Having formed back in 2012, their debut EP ‘Secrets’ weaves in and out of lo-fi chill-wave and lethargic goodness that drags us out from hibernation.

Ross Pearce’s vocals are whisper-like, giving the bedroom-recorded EP delicacy that contrasts with Mike Stothard’s hazy guitar and Daniel Heffernon’s bass in the second track ‘Heartbreaker’. The soft vocals exaggerate the bedroom-pop aspect that can be deemed similar to DIIV, Beach Fossils and other beach-related-names bands. 

The interesting aspect of the trio is the drums. Instead of having a drummer, the persistent pulse comes from a drum-machine, fooling the listener and creating an image of a devoted drummer smashing cymbals behind the frontmen.

The 3-track EP is perfect for reminiscing over the summer. ‘Secrets’ has a great 80s spin with the bass and the synth provoking the waves on a sunny beach, and Mike’s melodic guitar is tropical and tantalising, sending the listener into a swirl of sand and sea. ‘Heartbreaker’ is probably the darkest track on the EP, but instead of bringing the clouds in, it just gives the band more electricity and energy, as if the waves are starting to crash against the shore more violently. The fast-paced guitar melody is again enticing, adding a surf-tone onto the dreamy track. ‘Bad Intentions’, is more dominated by lo-fi goodness. The vocals echo, and reach a more prominent volume than a whisper. Mike’s guitar takes a more watery tone, yet still manages to hold the chill-wave sound. 

Their debut material is ace, and the timing is also spot on. My winter blues have certainly been shaken off with their tropical chill-wave sound. Their EP is up for free download here and can be streamed to the left.

Words: Cerys Kenneally

AuthorDuncan Harrison