There's little that can be authoritatively said about Patten. The recent warp signee doesn't do many interviews. When he does they’re cryptic and short. His bare soundcloud and YouTube pages are far from the scattered sketchbooks of other producers, eager to show the world everything they've ever made.

His brand of techno is hard to pinpoint or explain; skittering drum patterns sit sloppily over lo-fi loops, arpeggiated synth lines and melodies you might hear on classroom science videos from the 80s. Its a mix that’s familiar but brand new.

This is why he's a perfect fit for warp, a label known picking up experimental artists in their relative infancy and providing them a platform on which to present their works. Aphex twin, Boards of Canada and Squarepusher; More recently Flying Lotus, Hudson Mohawke and Mount Kimbie. These are all artists releasing under warp who have altered and helped build new genres. They make close, introverted music that's as suited to home listening as it is being played out at 2am.

Blue Mosaic (left) shows Patten’s production at its most playful. A constantly pitch-bending melody carries the track forward whilst an almost punk vocal mumbles over the top. It’s either shoegaze or arresting techno for dancefloor primetime. Maybe it's both; Its odd, but it makes sense.

Worlds Collided (unavailable to stream) is another stand out from 2011's well received GLAQJO XAACSSO. A buzzy, pulsating chord keeps your sense of rhythm grounded as a saturated kick drum and other out-of-place textures bounce around and keep you unsure of everything you think you know about the track. It wouldn't feel too out of place on a label like L.I.E.S.

Plurals is much less dance floor orientated than his other work, it takes all of the producer's hallmarks and re imagines them at a slower tempo. A track which can blend into the background of whatever you’re doing, although despite its lathargic pace often demands more attention.

His new EP for warp is currently available to stream over at Dazed Digital. It's clear it came from the same mind as GLAQJO XAACSSO, Patten has clearly spent his two years of silence productively as EOLIAN INSTATE offers a more cohesive and fully realised vision of his sound.

Patten also runs the Kaleidoscope imprint. Releasing all of the labels catalogue for free with extremely limited edition cassettes and vinyl also available. Kaleidescope's sound shares the same aesthetics as Patten pushes in his own music which is no bad thing.

Catch Patten, along with Hudson Mohawke, Oneohtrix Point Never and Rustie at the Tate on the 6th of December. More info here.

Words: P. Maxwell


AuthorDuncan Harrison