First formed nearly a decade ago, Blind Pilots, who are now known as Bold Things, have travelled to London to infect us with their passion filled emotive material. Following the release of their first track ‘Keep Together’ four months ago, they have proceeded to release a new offering ‘Hearts Ajar’. 

‘Keep Together’ is entwined with ghostly, soft vocals from Jim O’Donoghue and guitar melodies that pull your heart-strings sideways in a slightly unnerving manner. It’s incredible to listen to the layers of experimentation put into this track too, with samples, swirling synths and compelling drum beats that seem to come and go at exactly the right times to pursue the emotive realm of their capabilities. 

Even on their most recent track, ‘Hearts Ajar’, the Irish guys still implement their contagious sensitive abilities, with Jim’s vocals sounding more distilled and soft, whilst the guitar melodies by Ian Patterson, Gavin Murray and Jim O’Donoghue add to the fragility of the track, creating a poignant atmosphere. Ronan Mc Geough’s bass adds a concrete ground along with Gavin and Jim’s drums, slowly becoming more intense as the track progresses. 

They’re truly wonderful, ambient, uplifting and relatable. I’d give them a listen if you like dios (malos), and a more mellow side of The Doves with a more experimental twist.

Words: Cerys Kenneally 

AuthorDuncan Harrison