Travi$ Scott is somewhat of an anomaly within the industry, who is slowly unravelling to reveal what could be Hip Hop's next big star. The 20 year old rapper born in Houston, Texas has gained a lot of attention by seemingly sneaking onto the track 'Sin City' from one the year’s biggest albums, Cruel Summer. Comparing the limited amount of material Scott has released to the amount of attention and recognition he has received from some of the biggest names in the industry it is safe to stay Travi$ Scott has started to pave a pathway in which he could truly strive.

One of Scott's biggest draws is that he is both a rapper and producer. Scott raps on songs such as 'Lights (Love Sick)' with the arrogance of a young man living it up in New York with beautiful models and industry leaders, yet still with a very sturdy head on his shoulders. A huge amount of this assurance comes through on his production. '16 Chapels' oozes with sheer class, polish and sense of youthful adventure that no one can stop Scott as he pushes forward seemingly fazed by nothing. In addition to the success of his own work,he has also gained acclaim for his production on both 'To The World' and 'In The Morning' off the blockbuster Hip Hop album of the year Cruel Summer. Scott is honing his skills as both a rapper and producer, and is proving he can do it both on his own watch and on a bigger scale.

Many have compared Travi$'s persona and sound to that of Kanye West, even stating he sounds too much like his predecessor. But when has a comparison to Kanye ever been a bad one? How many rappers can you list who have even come close to replicating the awe or reaching the fantastical heights of the G.O.O.D music leader. Yes, he emulates his mentor, but in a short amount of time he is creating his own world around him. Scott has already had features from established heads such as King Chip, Casey Veggies, Lex Luger and even T.I. These comparisons have been made simply down to the presence, control and awe of Travi$ Scott, and for a young man of just 20 years old to be compared to an artist of such stature and power can only be a positive.

A lot can be said on Travi$ Scott without much knowledge of the man behind the name. But from what we have heard so far, his rumoured deal with G.O.O.D music and upcoming debut EP Owl Pharaoh, Travi$ Scott is a name we could become very familiar with.

Words: Jacob Roy, Bristol, UK

AuthorDuncan Harrison