Australian producer Shedbug, aka Geordie Elliot-Kerr, is back with another heater of an EP to warm us up as we struggle through these arctic conditions. His previous 12” releases on Of Paradise, Flux, Deep Trax, and a cassette album for THRHNDRDSVNTNN were impressive to say the least, and now its Lobster Theremin’s turn to showcase his talents.

An emotive journey is embarked upon as soon as the first bleep from the opening track 2 is heard. Three minutes of otherworldly ambient bliss ease you into the five track EP, compelling you to immediately disconnect from reality and slip into a serene reverie. Close your eyes and you would be forgiven for thinking you were drifting through some sort of virtual cosmic reality. It is the calm before the storm, almost as if Shedbug leads you into this safe, modulating space in order to prepare you for the grittier tracks that are to follow.

The extraterrestrial theme laid out by the opener is maintained in the second track, For You, only this time things are cranked up a notch. Punchy kicks and toms bounce off each other as if they are conversing. Progressive, harmonious chords slowly rise up and shimmering hats skim over the surface, providing the song with a real swing. By incrementally building up his songs and then gradually subtracting components, Geordie holds the special ability to guide listeners on a musical excursion, not only within whole records, but individual songs as well.

The astral adventure is continued with the aptly named Journeyman, bringing the A-side to a close. Growling saw-waves rip through the track with their cut-off sweeping up and down, equipping the sound with a tide-like sway as warm but coarse frequencies fill your chest. The Salt Mines co-founder subtly shifts into electro territory on this track as well, a brave move in a scene where many of his counterparts stick to a single genre. Geordie is a newcomer compared to many, but he has already shown that whether it be lo-fi house, electro or techno, he will always produce the goods.

The B-side opener - and title-track - Destination Love epitomises the essence of the record. A heavily vocoded, ostensibly alien-like voice cries out over the retro bassline as celestial synths resonate in the background. Despite the heavy distortion, human emotion undoubtedly permeates the track. Details such as these are an important and refreshing element to Geordie’s production repertoire, providing his sound with an organic element that can so often be absent within electronic music.

The Berlin based producer really spoils us on the final track, saving the darkest and heaviest for last. B-side closer You Think is a beautifully constructed collage of sounds. Jagged breaks, deep breaths and a squelchy acid riff tie together flawlessly to spawn this dynamic and invigorating conclusion. As elegant as it is raw, it is a truly stimulating end to another impressive Shedbug release. A bright and exciting future undoubtedly lies ahead for the young Aussie.


Words: Tom Bradley

AuthorDuncan Harrison