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In no time at all it's apparent - Peggy Gou just makes sense. On three killer songs on her latest twelve inch release Once, Gou sounds like a Korean lounge band in space, an acid house congo line, and Freestyle on downers. All of this makes complete sense. A compact delivery of refreshing groove that makes for one of the most obviously essential releases of the year.

Gou first came across my radar because a bunch of mud soaked boys held their shoes up in a field. At least that was the RA angle from last year's Dekmantel Festival as the Amsterdam crowd joined in a sporadic gesture born out of gratitude for a well down set from Gou as well as a crude pun on her name. How could someone I’ve never heard of be so adored to the point receiving these Spartacus level gestures? Once makes the origin of the question irrelevant. Anchored by the relaxed strut of It Makes You Forget (Itgehane and the Korean electro via Maurice Fulton of Han JanOnce finds Gou the producer performing her own vocals for the first time to great effect. Gou’s voice is smooth and effortless weaving in and around her productions delivering time honored Disco platitudes, “You gotta do it right, enjoy your night,” as well as rapping in Gou’s native Korean in a move that neatly parallels the work of Godmode’s Yaeji on her 2017 EPs.

Leaving earth with the spartan clap of Hundres Times, I find myself missing the presence of our host as Gou's vocals are missing in favor of undeniably well sequenced high hats that still move me despite the track being Once's weakest link. Where Yaeji provides a house pop vision of the future with her work, Gou condenses the best of the past with a record that will groove you in a warm familiar way, one that is well needed and just plain makes sense.


Words: Nick Boyd

AuthorDuncan Harrison