For his third outing on Lobster Theremin, Ozel AB hits hard and hits well. This industrial, ambient, rusty and dusty EP sounds like the lovechild of a rugged ironworker and Hollywood beauty, metallic and hypnotic.

Hogtown's intro alludes to days gazing out of your window wondering what the future holds till the reverb cuts over and in comes the bass's dull kicks accompanied by a menacing snare, building quickly into its drugged techno beat. This is industrial techno done differently; it’s been evolved with a muffled vocal and clanging, yet tingling, keys.

More vocals in Red Wet are cranked with a murky bass. Its baseline/garage feel supported by the techno churn makes for a slightly distorted floor stomping, window shaking, devilish tune. The malevolent screams and sexy hi-hats calls for a deep clean of your ears to deal with the pure filth Ozel AB is providing.

Dolly Dipped caps off the EP with snaps, claps and slaps underpinned by an oscillating, quivering synth. A raw and rugged sound as if emerging to witness the aftermath of societies fall from natural disasters. Uneasy but beautiful.


Words: Tai Kolade

AuthorDuncan Harrison