Tickets for his shows sell out remarkably fast, but when you carry the title of best DJ in the world that comes as no surprise. Revellers and DJs alike love his eclectic cuts and now Ricardo Villalobos has come back to the world of production to give exactly that - a touch of his eclecticism. Under the moniker Richard Wolfsdorf Villalobos has delivered a twenty minute minimalistic groover split into two ten minute sides, stripped back to its bare elements and plunging to deep depths of a sonic abyss. 

Its slow percussive start is maintained and built upon as we delve a few minutes into the piece. The disjointed, mumbled lyrics linger menacingly, echoing through each component of the song. It’s an abstract house gem, a soundtrack to the melancholy boat ride that Willy Wonka promised and never delivered. Hypnotic and glitchy tones ride along with you as your mind jettisons so quaintly from your shoulders, and glides through a hazily convoluted mosaic tunnel provided by the twenty minutes of this deceptive diamond of a ditty.

As you return to your senses you hear a knock at the door, it’s Ricardo, and he’s brought you this summer’s jam. Bring on festival season.


Words: Tai Kolade

AuthorDuncan Harrison