A night out introduced me to Hidden Spheres, in my room is where our relationship bloomed, His then recent EP Waiting becoming a firm staple for my audio pleasure. The Manchester DJ's By & Bye is a four track EP and the second of Hidden Spheres, a.k.a Tom Harris, to be released from label Distant Hawaii, a spin-off from Lobster Theremin. 

The first track, ~~~~~~, was nothing short of a surprise. Contradictory to the usual breezy, percussive house sounds ~~~~~~ starts off with an unmistakeably jazz influenced riff. The whole song embodies those moments in jazz bars where each instrument separately takes its turn at a solo. Next, Beachy is as you would expect from both Hidden Spheres and the title. A bouncy bass combined with euphoric synths makes this song the perfect soundtrack to any journey laden with beautiful views and glorious rays. The title track, By & Bye, is reminiscent of previous EP Waiting, with a familiar percussion pattern and similar ambient feel. Finally, Movin’ s percussive undertone demonstrates the talent of Hidden Spheres I always look out for, but unfortunately is drowned out by an unsettling synth. 

It’s becoming a cliché to say but Tom Harris is an expert for transporting you far away from this currently dreary United Kingdom. Anything from a beautiful mountain pass, or exquisite beach sunset, Harris's songs are the perfect backdrop to any relaxing setting.  Although By & Bye shows a different, jazzier sound, I know I’ll still be rinsing this album until next year. 


Words: Kelly Raymond


AuthorDuncan Harrison