For over a decade, Juju & Jordash a.k.a Gal Aner and Jordan Czamanski have slowly increased their status to house and techno bosses. Their relentless releases and perfectionist attitude has landed them with numerous EP and LP releases on labels such as Golf Channel Records and Dekmantel. The duo, based in Amsterdam but originally from Israel, flaunt a multidimensional musical flare, through the jazz-inspired African Flower, the politically-charged Unleash The Golem, as well as the ability to excite any crowd with pleasers such as Deep Blue Meanies. By using hardware and live sounds, the pair have created a solid reputation for amazing live sets and an exquisite sound. 

Following on from the well praised 2014 album Clean-Cut, the duo's latest release is a three-track LP titled What About Tuesday? The first track, Mellow Monday consists of an eerie but beautiful synth over a minimal beat. Soon, they introduce their jazz background with a keys solo and more imposing drum beat. Slowly and delicately the song peters out into the second track, Wednesday Something, consisting of synths producing an echoed repeat of one another, producing an upbeat electronic beauty, solidified together through an underlayer of harmonious jazzy synths. The final track of the EP, Thursday, Heavy, starts off exactly how you expect, with an advancing heavy beat, repeatedly incoming then receding. Covered in layers of eerie strings and synths, Thursday, Heavy is a display of their ability to produce house stompers.

Exhibiting their obsessive and perfectionist stance, every track reveals numerous layers of sounds, synths and beats. However, through the seemingly chaotic arrangement, there is still a beautiful simplicity, a speciality Juju & Jordash do so well. 


Words: Kelly Raymond

AuthorDuncan Harrison