Berlin based Algorythm releases Behind the Clouds EP on Neptune Records, the second record to come from the label with his debut Santos Express marking its inauguration.

With such authority does the opener How I Bust That Ass Up kick off the EP, that it takes three listens to finally go through the rest of the record. As the hook starts, the vocals cement your intrigue. Within ten seconds one participant in the conversation yells “Man Fuck Dat!” Ears perk up and as the conversations draw your attention, a warped bass kicks in with the captivating hook morphing its intensity over the top. The conversation loops and then the shuffle inducing beat kicks in and we realise the genius of the track already. As the song develops, more down right dirty obscenities are spoken and the track bridges into pure house supremacy. Some may gawk as the sexually explicit “I want you to fuck me baby” is muttered from the songs participants but most will laugh. The track screams fun and arouses the energy from all who hear it.

Pearls, which follows, is a more mellow affair. The oscillating synth and calming hook maintain the pure house paradigm, but its muted seduction entices one into a blissful rave ambiance. Big Beat Repeat is a self-explanatory delve into the house/breakbeat genre. A viable candidate for any answer to The Guardian’s Harangue the DJ question of what is “The track I’d play at sunset in Ibiza.” Finally the EP closes with Behind the Clouds, a menacing deceptively classy, club ready, chugging track full of attitude. The dark arpeggios again use a shaky waveringing format to create a cosmos of intensity in the mind of the listener and cloud the judgment so all one can do is dance.

What Algorythm has done with Behind the Clouds is create an EP that makes you want more. By listening to both his first release and this one, you can only think that an album should not be long off. 2018 will be dominated by a number of these tracks, as this club ready 4-track dynamic demonstration of pure house is a must for DJs.


Words: Tai Kolade

AuthorDuncan Harrison