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First emerging in 2014, London based label Whities has quickly cemented itself at the forefront of creative and forward-thinking dance music. Alongside the likes of Kowton, Lanark Artefax and Minor Science, Avalon Emerson has played a crucial role in this trajectory, with last year's Whities 006 proving a stand-out release in both the collective's and producer's discography.

Emerson's sophomore outing on the label is another impressive addition, offering further nuances and eccentricities to the four to the floor format. Looping synth arpeggios dominate opener One More Fluorescent Rush, mutating in tone and pitch through a continuously shapeshifting sound arch. Fast and fluid, this rhythmic core gracefully spins in an ongoing crescendo, splintering into celestial synth bleeps in the track's final minutes. 

The B-side, Finally Some Common Ground, is even more compelling. Warped glitches and whispers coil and twist around a tribal bassline, threading textured fragments into the track's foundation. The second half sees Emerson's sonic abstractions combine as the track finds its groove and settles into the party. It's an intricately orchestrated and delightfully playful piece of electronic music, ready to light up any dancefloor.

With clear contrasts between its two halves, One More Fluorescent Rush is a display of its producer's masterful skill and versatility. With music this adventurous, there's no doubt that both Emerson and Whities will continue to stretch the limits of today's global club sound. 


Words: Georgia Tobin

AuthorDuncan Harrison