Lorenzo Senni returns with his trademark style and arrangement of modern trance. The first song of the dynamic double, The Shape of Trance to Come, is everything that's synonymous with Senni's style. The stabs and jerks of his synth capture the excitement and allure of the genre’s beautiful nature as one's attention turns to contemplating the title. The Shape of Trance to Come - a premonition or a statement? Lost are the euphoric builds and basslines associated with early trance, replaced with pure emotive jolts and bends. Less “this is the pinnacle of my life”, more triumphant like “this is what I am going to do with my life”. Contemplative and alluring.

The second track, XallegroX, incorporates a deconstructed trance-hardcore hybrid pattern, highlighting Senni’s vast knowledge of the musical spectrum. The punchy synth and jostling patterns merge together a form of desperation and an un-danceable but a body-jolt inducing melody. Trance has been moulded into a new form which is intrinsically sad and builds to overcoming despair.

This new form of 'sophisticated trance' is a different animal to the genre of old. It sits in the same family but is a different entity, considerably different to the euphoric norm. Senni's adaptation of the genre highlights the class of the old and the greatness of the new, incorporating punk, metal and pop into something truly special.

Where Lorenzo Senni walks with trance is clear but how he will mould and make it evolve is intrguing. Senni is the wizard of trance and we should all follow his yellow brick road.


Words: Tai Kolade

AuthorDuncan Harrison