With UVB’s A Lie’s Glory, and as with most techno records, I found myself faced with the somewhat inevitable option of writing a conventional review. A review where I could talk about the thuds and the thumps, or how I texted my friend to tell her that I can’t remember the last time a techno EP had excited me this much. Or, I could explain how UVB’s most recent EP personally spoke to me in a moment of abstract melodic beauty. And how UVB materialised himself through my speakers and transported me from my bedroom floor to an alternate reality in a moment of pure techno escapism. Never one for convention, I opted for the latter.

Through the bouncing, utterly infectious 4x4 beat of Lying In Your Face I felt myself drift to a faraway sunset strip, the sun blazing even as it retreated behind the horizon. Blending metallic synth stabs into its relentless beat, this rousing opener pulsated with an 80s electro sound. Definitely a party starter, Lying In Your Face had me sauntering into a strut as UVB directed me towards a bustling city in the distance.

Breach of Trust’s pace, though similar to Lying In Your Face, adopted a heavier chugging pattern, adding a stomp to my 4x4 groove. Fusing industrial clatters and the echoes of aggressive horns, this track truly embodied the sound of the city. More menacing, and more percussive, UVB knew that this darker dingier tone would be perfect to navigate me from a Cheshire Cat smile to a Berlin screw face.

As darkness engulfed our surroundings, our trajectory was pointed upwards. Meeting a steep incline, Disobey Your Kids effortlessly raised us higher. Anthemic and powerful, it’s a track charged with electricity, intoxicating the atmosphere with distorted electronic crackles. As we scaled higher and higher, and Disobey Your Kids faded into obscurity, I knew our journey was reaching its climax.

Yours Truthly lit up the otherwise unilluminated sky. Suddenly the moon became apparent, pulsating with a drum beat that steadily increased with intensity. Its deep glow was joined by a delicate chiming of bells, each ushering new glimmers of warm light to emerge. As the darkness slowly dissipated and Yours Truthly deconstructed its industrial churn, I found myself back, slumped on my bedroom floor, with UVB nowhere to be seen. Contemplating my exploration of UVB’s techno realm, I found myself unable to deny its sonic impact. A contender for my EP of the year, A Lie’s Glory could be yours too.


Words: Tai Kolade

AuthorDuncan Harrison