rRoxymore is a DJ whose discography exudes creativity. The French Berlin-residing producer’s previous releases on Human Level, Huntleys & Palmers and Macro exhibit a distinctly exploratory approach, interlacing club beats with experimental synth tones, ambient nuances and hints of psychedelia. As a result, rRoxymore’s name has become synonymous with innovative house and techno, her sound very much at the forefront of modern dance music.

On Organ Smith, rRoxymore’s upcoming debut on Semtek’s Don’t Be Afraid, her intricate craftsmanship is at work again. The title track is a hypnotic opener, slowly releasing flourishing synth patterns over a steely rasping hi-hat. Amidst sporadic clangs and chimes, rRoxymore protracts droning organ-synth chords, gradually adding rich tonal depth in an ascension to a harmonious climax. 

About Finding The Right Balance is a darker counterpoint, offering much more abrasive and mechanical sounds. A rapid drum-pattern lays the track’s foundation, into which rRoxymore etches fluctuating percussive distortions. As scattered synth pads and repeated clapping echoes add to this splintered effect, rRoxymore constructs a beautifully fractured soundscape. Uchi’s House is just as leftfield, and perhaps shows rRoxymore at her most playful. Blending a delicate flute melody with layers of warped synth sirens and staccato digital bleeps, the EP’s conclusion perfectly encapsulates the fusion of contrasting tones and textures which has come to define its creator’s style. 

Brimming with imagination, Organ Smith feels like a natural step in rRoxymore’s artistic trajectory. Each track weaves together a labyrinthine web of noise, threading analogue fragments into complex, unusual and wholly immersive electronic compositions. It is this detail within its party-orientated framework that determines Organ Smith a record which belongs both on and off the dance floor, just as suited to intent listens as it is late night club outings. It is in this sense that rRoxymore’s creativity is at its height, her music transcending both sonic and spatial boundaries.

Organ Smith is out 4th November on Don't Be Afraid.

Words: Georgia Tobin

AuthorDuncan Harrison