Hearing a record is a rare delight, from start to finish, allowing the artist to take you on the path they’ve trodden in with hours in the studio and even more dragging equipment from venue to venue. Indulging in Casimirs debut needs to be enjoyed over and over

At first the grinding metal chimes initiating the listener into this EP are taut, almost uncomfortable to listen to. As the seconds pass your ear adjusts, realising the discomfort is merely a result of unfamiliarity with the pulse of synths bringing a welcome respite. The structure of ‘Balancing Act’ is hard to define but its journey definite: a short burst of vocals fades back into feedback making you replay the track almost immediately to check you didn’t miss anything. You didn’t, but the second listen exposes greater detail prompting further replay.

The chorus is a dying art which Casimir have certainly revived: it is a cymbal-filled climax to each verse, a change of pace and menagerie of sounds accurately portraying the change in mood the listener experiences following the agonising of the verse. And it doesn’t let up, the rumbling of energy subsiding in the first track bounds to new levels slowing only for moments of reflection, moments which show Casimirs ability to construct the most delicate of riffs as well as the meticulously organised chaos of the chorus.

Considering this insight into their talent comes before their most well-known record: ‘Like Whistles’ has had its turn on the EP speaks volumes. Initially sounding closer to the ‘guitar music’ we’re used to, ‘Like Whistles’ is different, so different that as with the other tracks only after several listens is it’s true genius made clear.

Screams of 'Guitar music is coming back', can be heard from the windows of Radio 1s offices. It is not just 'coming back', it has evolved, it is different to the eventually repetitive nature of the Kooks and Pigeon Detectives and various other ambassadors of 'indie music'. It has taken time for the guitar to reach it's full potential, to unlock the scale of its ability and after enjoying Casimirs first offering, it was worth the wait for this.

Words: Georgette Keane

AuthorDuncan Harrison