Millennium is the synergy of Norman Palm and Ville Haimala. Their ‘Terms and Conditions’ EP is all part of their corporate training style design/music experience which is exciting and baffling music fans in equal measure. (See press shot; left) It’s a hyper-real idea. The EP that is being released on Greco-Roman followed suit.

Opener ‘Intro’ sets the tone for this project perfectly, willfully weird and blatant Logic Pro users. With everyone and their mums being able to torrent Logic for themselves and give composition and production a crack it seems to be increasingly hard to come across as inventive using the musical software powerhouse. As i’m one of the aforementioned (as is my Mum) perhaps I’ve seen too far behind the veil, therefore the intro to me seems all too attainable and I feel far too many artists now needlessly put these instrumentals in now in order to demonstrate an originality and creativity. 

Thankfully second track Q & A does more than redeem this, violin stabs reminiscent of Aphex Twins lovelier work, elements of Radiohead in all their King of Limbs glory and bizarre rhythms and vocal production that do genuinely set this act apart from the crowd, though its the composition that does this rather than the production which is a little lackluster in comparison to self produced acts such as Kochari who have truly honed their art in production and Logic manipulation. The real stand out track for me is Balloon, it nods towards an immeasurably more credible and less bitch slap worthy Everything Everything. Meeting perfectly with the ambience of acts such as Four Tet or Helios- it is genuinely nothing short of beautiful bar the odd pre-set synth which stick out like sore thumbs on otherwise perfect metaphorical hands. It’s vocal lines swoon like if Kid A was more akin to the joys MDMA than ketamine. 

ICU follows this theme quite nicely with its pitched down vocals and wonderful use of percussion, subtle yet very powerful. Closer Unknown is again a pretty soundscape with inventive uses of samples (pretty sure I heard a cat in there) and pitch shifted vocals to create beautiful harmonic phrases, this is an EP that exhibits an act with spades full of promise and inventiveness. This is my first time hearing Millennium, but I sincerely hope it is not my last.

Words: Jake Williams

AuthorDuncan Harrison