Pearson Sound, and even his previous alias Ramadanman, have always been names that stand out on a line up. After his stupendous all night long DJ set at Soup Kitchen back at the start of 2014, Manchester has eagerly awaited the return of one-third of the Hessle Audio boys. After treating loyal listeners to a daytime set at Eastern Bloc, the party shimmied over to Soup Kitchen where Shuf joined. After the release of his self titled debut album back in 2015 - an eerie, apocalyptic but slightly underwhelming LP - I was intrigued to see if a similar dusky ambience would be reflected in his DJ sets. Despite any Mancunian's bias towards a night at Soup Kitchen, a gem in the city's clubbing makeup, another evening of outstanding electronic music was expected. 

When we arrived, welcomed by the distinctive Soup Kitchen heat, Pearson Sound, a.k.a David Kennedy, had already infected the club with a party atmosphere. Making our way to the shadow of the front left-hand towering speaker (essential for a 5’ 3” girl), we found ourselves greeted by excited revellers already starting to dance the night away. Leading the crowd through an array of fluctuating techno tempos and styles, at around 1am Pearson Sound settled on a darker sound, with heavier bass-orientated tunes paving the way for the rest of the night. Although Kennedy's selections offered a contrasting tone to that of his debut album, instead offering a diverse range or lively and energetic techno tracks, the overall effect was still slightly disappointing. Whilst undoubtedly another successful night for Zutekh, I got into the taxi home feeling not quite satisfied. An enjoyable night, but a disappointing contrast to the unforgettable one two years ago I had been so excited to relive. 


Words: Kelly Raymond


AuthorDuncan Harrison