Born out of Vancouver’s punk underground, Ashlee Luk and Lida P’s collaboration as Minimal Violence is DIY to its core. This homegrown ethos remains intrinsic to the duo’s approach, whose blistering live hardware sets continue to inform their sound in the studio. On InDreams, their debut album on Ninja Tune imprint Technicolour, the duo delve into a dystopian darkness, offering listeners an exhilarating ride into rave gothicism. 

Spanning techno, acid, hardcore, breaks and trance, InDreams is an explosive collage of club genres. This is best displayed in L.A.P., a dizzying combination of raucous snares, biting synths and acidic bleeps. What follows is equally high-impact, with techno stompers Virus Prophecy and Last One At The Rave maintaining the full-throttle pace to the very end. Trance inflections are injected throughout, adding dramatic crescendos into the frenzied mix.

Whether it be in the breaks of New Hard Catch, the ear-splitting synths of Untitled Drum Sequence or unrelenting gabber-esque drums of June Anthem, InDreams is an album which recalls 90s rave nostalgia, unapologetic in its rough-and-ready aesthetic. This is not to say that the album is solely backwards looking; Minimal Violence’s seamless construction of multi-styled cuts is bang on trend, culminating in a collection of club-ready weapons waiting to light up any dancefloor.

Words: Georgia Tobin

AuthorDuncan Harrison