Actress is the current holder of my favourite bit of DJ trivia: he used to play professional football for West Bromwich Albion. Actress was a Baggie. When thinking about footballers and music we have many an ill fated attempt at proving their technical ability with their feet is just as good as their musical prowess. Yet Darren J. Cunningham is an exception. In AZD, he produces a glitchy masterclass which uses various elements of the electronic landscape to create a sonic spectacle. 

The intricacy that has gone into the production of an album spanning house, techno, ambient and electro is immense. The constant stylistic changes allow for the album to surprise and intrigue without ever losing momentum. Songs like FANTASYNTH or UNTITLED 7 have a melancholy feel with dark churning tones, whilst RUNNER or VISA are dancefloor ready; there are many situations which Actress has provided for.

Actress is top of the league with AZD, he’s won the Champions League, FA Cup and Premiership in one fell swoop. He’s top goal scorer, top assists maker and the one that all the top clubs want to sign. If you understand all the football analogies, then you'll see that I am giving the highest plaudits to Actress and what he has conjured up on AZD. Expect this on many best of 2017 lists in a few months time.


Words: Tai Kolade

AuthorDuncan Harrison