It seems as if Chance the Rapper isn’t the only artist who still cares about the mixtape this year. Juicy J has appeased the masses, dropping a brand new tape under the banner #MustBeNice. While stateside, and across the pond alike, people await to be further informed on his impending project Rubba Band Business: The Album (due to be released later this year), #MustBeNice will be the final instalment of Juicy’s mixtape series following his third solo studio album Stay Trippy in 2013.

Emerging from the southern city of Memphis, Juicy J has been active since the early nineties. As one of the founding members of Three 6 Mafia, he’s amongst the earliest to implement use upon the Roland TR-808 Drum Machine, paving the way for the evolution of Trap. Now with forty-one years behind him, Juicy’s back with a seventeen track ensemble that houses a fire-starting bill of features. The veteran’s hand picked troupe include Gucci Mane, Wiz Khalifa, Jeremih, and 21 Savage, not to mention Juicy’s Three 6 Mafia co-founder and brother, Project Pat, who teamed up with Khalifa on one of the tape’s most striking tracks, Talk That Talk.

Having voiced his personal interests and activities throughout this latest release, it seems not a whole lot has changed from Juicy’s perspective. His lyrics continue to lack a little depth, “Came a long way from public housing to a house on the mountains / Now I got a chef, chauffeur and an accountant / I'm fly as a falcon.” Yet, when integrated into his overall sound, they arguably still pack that killer punch. Juicy may not be the most highly rated poet in the game - his verses follow a simple blueprint and his hooks often rely on repetition to form sonic structures - but if you find yourself an admirer of his music, it’s a winning formula.


Words: Charlie Fyfe

AuthorDuncan Harrison