Pacific Command’s debut release from young production outfit Senate is a percussion-led stomper, set to rattle the halls and chambers of clubs worldwide. Gangstalker demonstrates that these Aussies have educated themselves in Berlin’s darkest art, succeeding in supplying the hypnotic, rhythmic thump treasured in Europe’s techno pockets.

With a restless baseline from the get-go, the original mix of Senate is a nightclub essential, lulling only to swiftly reintroduce its stomp. As it progresses, the dancefloor shapes are bound to grow more intricate as its Regis-style, heavy beats could hold down Berlin nightclubs with ease. Whipping house synths that sit atop of their industrial, echoing sound, the duo maintain a darkness topped with a stylish groove. Not for the faint-hearted.

The Wardrum Call to Arms Mix tones down the industrial into a finer jungle sound, with dulled synths and horns that make the track more accessible listening to the not-so-techo-friendly ear; it is easier to get away with playing it in a more comfortable environment, say at 2pm sat on your sofa with a cuppa. Experimental and engaging yet with a chilling air-raid horn section, its ambient and relaxing sound provides a more unpredictable listen than its original mix. There’s a limitless potential for this tracks location, so many times when it could and should be played.

The Perth duo return to heavier percussion on the B-side with Kirshce. Its broken form becomes a musical conversation, growing with excitement and anticipation to a rewarding bassline that lightly punches to accommodate the synths, rattles and snares. Such a style allows the ten-minute cut to draw out slowly without losing the listener’s interest, yet a six minute edit may give it an even stronger punch and a possible higher play count. 

As far as first releases go, Gangstalker throws down the gauntlet as a sensational release rich with ability, a three-song-strong EP suitable for a variety of sets - but the darker, the better. We’re itching to see where the Pacific Command team can take us next. 

Words: Tai Kolade

AuthorDuncan Harrison