The 48th edition of !K7s DJ Kicks series, sees the immensely well respected and skilful Berlin trio Brandt Brauer Frick, lock themselves into Berlin’s Watergate Club, and in one day put together a mix that epitomises everything they stand for and everything they’d like to see in the future.

Frick explained in an interview that they preferred working in an intense environment with a limited time period. He admits that this method leads to imperfections, mistakes and rough transitions, but it reminds the listener that they are human. 

The mix spans 28 tracks lasting an hour and fifteen minutes. They include a variety of material, including new cuts from themselves in the form of three unreleased tracks. The mix starts with an atmospheric, mood setting track before quickly descending into a deep house beat by Theo Parish. This whole atmosphere is turned on its head, with the 1978 disco track by William Onyeabor, ‘Better Change Your Mind’, truly emphasising the variety in the trio’s tastes. As the disco beat fades the mix continues with a 2011 UK garage track by Kingdom before continuing with its largely house vibe. 

This direction is again changed by a Galaxy to Galaxy feat. Atlantis tune, which provides a disco beat as vocals echo, “Make your transition”. That is what the trio do- dropping in other soulful tracks such as ‘Soul Freedom’ by Chico Mann, which brings about a sense of jubilation and happiness, but also variety. 

The mix reverts back to deep house and techno right up until the end, with tracks from the likes of Jam City and Machinedrum before ending with a continued soulful feel with tracks from Thundercat and Dean Blunt.  

The mix is truly representative of Brandt, Brauer and Fricks eclectic and varied palette. It’s this flexible taste and wide-reaching influence that has made previous albums such as ‘You Make Me Real’ so successful and enduringly replyabale. The reoccurring disco and soul breakdowns within house and techno tracks perfectly represent the direction of the trio. Their own tracks that are within the mix prove to be an exciting tease of what could be on the horizon. Above all, the most recent instalment of iK7s peepholes in to the record collections of dance music aficionados has been strengthened by an outfit that continue to excel in their field.

Words: Adam Gardiner

AuthorDuncan Harrison