‘Waking Lines’, the debut LP of Mancunian four piece Patterns, is 10 tracks of pure escapism. When listening to it, you can’t help but feel transported away from reality into the dream like world of Patterns. The record has epic sound, emanating from pure shoegaze compositions and beautiful sonic loops, resulting in a long player which truly feels similar to no other. 

Every note feels meticulously crafted, and each song is textured and engaging. It is clear the band did not lose focus about trying to create a unique listening experience. Recent single, ‘Blood’, stands out with 60s harmonic vocals, and ‘Our Ego’ makes a venture into the psychedelic with swirling guitar lines and vocal harmonies. While psychedelia is clearly a theme running through the record, the poppier vocals and sampling do give it a more accessible feel. Perhaps the most memorable song from the album is ‘Wrong Two Words’, with powerful vocals from singer Ciaran McAuley which provide an actual hair raising moment. Moments like this are becoming harder and harder to find but Patterns hold the torch high

Things are taking off for Patterns, for the band were chosen to bring their glistening gaze to Bestival in September, and recently performed at Swn festival, curated by Huw Stevens. Not to mention a unique recent show in Manchester’s own John Rylands library (the oldest public library in England). In recording the album itself, Patterns rejected expensive studio recording techniques and instead recorded it using one microphone and a laptop, and yet somehow, in doing so they have still managed to create the dreamy feeling of infinite space and possibility which flows through their music. ‘Waking Lines’ is a brilliant album, and as the penniless woes of January open the curtains into a new year, it is sure to transcend the reality of these grey months.

Words: Matthew Staite

AuthorDuncan Harrison