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Kelly Lee Owens: Kelly Lee Owens

"Though tender and beguiling to its very core, it's one of the mightiest releases of the year."  - Josie Roberts.

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J Hus: Common Sense

"It feels clichéd to be calling an album the sound of the summer, but when Common Sense hits these heights, the label is undeniable." - Nick Bedingfield.

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Bibio: Phantom Brickworks

"An ambitious path to forge after dancing on the periphery of accessibility only a year ago, Phantom Brickworks commands an attention that reaches far beyond typical Bibio long plays." - Rajan Sundavadra

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Jlin: Black Origami

"Like the Japanese art of paper folding referenced in its title, Patton’s sophomore project is crafted with fine precision, its splintered and stuttering soundscapes cutting sharp metallic outlines." - Georgia Tobin

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Alvvays: Antisocialites

"Against the backdrop of an imagined breakup, Molly Rankin conjured up some of the catchiest tunes released this year, distilling dreampop, krautrock and grunge influences into an airtight package." - Nick Bedingfield

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Equiknoxx: Colon Man

Karen Gwyer: Rembo

Omar Souleyman: To Syria, With Love





Steffi: World Of The Waking State

Laurel Halo: Dust

Portico Quartet: Art In The Age Of Automaton


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Midori Takada: Through The Looking Glass

"Through The Looking Glass has the mystic power to unite all on the spectrum - a richness incomparable." - Rajan Sundavadra

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Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith: The Kid

"The deeper you dive into her soundscapes, the more staggering it is to comprehend that these are worlds which have been carefully crafted by her very fingertips."  - Josie Roberts

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Four Tet: New Energy

"Fusing the beautifully crafted global sounds of his earlier works with the dynamism of his more dance-oriented tracks, Hebden has produced an album that has the ability to both relax and invigorate." - Tom Bradley

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Martin Glass: The Pacific Visions of Martin Glass

"The world offered up to us on The Pacific Visions of Martin Glass [...] is one that I’ve found myself returning to again and again." - Oscar Allan

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Kendrick Lamar: DAMN.

"There’s no one in the rap world operating on Kendrick Lamar’s level right now, and it’s an exhilarating experience to get a look inside a mind working this frantically." - Nick Bedingfield

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Waxahatchee: Out In The Storm

"Underpinned by Waxahatchee’s garage sound, fleshed out for the first time by a full band, Katie Crutchfield’s latest is an almighty scream of power and self-reliance." - Nick Bedingfield

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Roy Of The Ravers: Acid Royale

"Mixing together acid, italo, electro and techno, Roy Of The Raver’s Acid Royale might not be the most spectacular of releases, but was one I found myself constantly returning to." - Tai Kolade

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Charli XCX: Number 1 Angel

"Charli XCX had one hell of a year, and this is where it all began." - Andrew Ward

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Spiritual Jazz Vol. 7: Islam

"[It's] a perfect article of the variety and creativity mustered in a particularly conflicted era." - Rajan Sundavadra

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Charli XCX: Pop 2

"If Number 1 Angel showed that Charli XCX is leagues ahead of her pop peers, Pop 2, released just weeks before the year’s end, shows her skating circles around the competition." - Andrew Ward

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Colleen: A flame my love, a frequency

"A multi-instrumentalist and singer, Schott’s organic musicality can be felt throughout every second of A flame my love, a frequency." - Georgia Tobin

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Shobaleader One: Elektrac

"Elektrac goes from the mellow and beautiful like The Swifty and Iamic 5 Poetry to the hectic like Anstromm Feck and E8 Boogie, culminating in what I can easily call my favourite track of 2017." - Tai Kolade

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Drake: More Life

Jana Rush: Pariah

SZA: Cntrl

Actress: AZD




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