In September 2016, we relaunched. ShufSounds reincarnate. 2.0.

It's been exciting to find our feet again, to curate each issue as a collaboration of writers from all over the place picking up on our favourite sounds of the moment.  But for a whole 9 months prior lies an empty void of the year un-covered (Drake album what?). To make up for it, we've put together a collection of all the albums, EPs, tracks, mixtapes which have not only sweetened our musical tastebuds but have impacted our year as a whole. Nothing below is ranked in order; what you can find instead is a miscellany of some of our favourite things from the past 365 days. 




Radiohead: A Moon Shaped Pool

"A Moon Shaped Pool reaffirmed, if anyone needed reminding, Radiohead’s ability to create achingly beautiful songs using just a guitar or piano, and Thom Yorke’s falsetto. A stunning return to form."   - Nick Bedingfield.

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Equiknoxx: Bird Sound Power

"An insight into the discography of Jamaican collective Equiknoxx, Bird Sound Power graced 2016’s summer with a wave of dancehall experimentalism." - Georgia Tobin

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Solange: A Seat At The Table

"Crafted with such astute and discerning intention, Solange’s album should be celebrated not only for its soulful musical artistry, but its thematic richness and emotional generosity." - Lydia Entwistle

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Kornél Kovács: The Bells

"Kovács is thriving within the slot he has created for himself – balancing somewhere between the ridiculous and the reverent, with the execution worthy of an LP" - Julian Caldwell

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Car Seat Headrest: Teens of Denial

"Awkward white male adolescence might not be the most original indie rock topic in 2016, but if Will Toledo keeps finding ways to make it sound this essential, we’ll keep listening." - Nick Bedingfield

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Angel Olsen: MY WOMAN

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith: EARS

Babyfather: "BBF" Hosted By DJ Escrow






Nicolas Jaar: Sirens

Mitsky: Puberty 2

Skepta: Konnichiwa




Young Thug: Jeffery

"“The whole album is straight crossover.” With Jeffery Thug is coming more into his own, closer to the place he wants to be at by the time HyTunes arrives, and it shows the extent to which Thug’s massive output since Barter 6 has already altered the mainstream landscape, making his pop ambitions as clear as ever." - Andrew Ward

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DAWN: Redemption

"There’s something comforting, then, almost familiar, in the inhuman, alien quality of Richard’s voice. It sounds like an appeal to our political times: now more than ever one must embrace the inhuman and the unreal to capture some of the reality of present experience. Redemption is a beacon in dark times, beckoning towards a brighter day--or, perhaps a more fitting word, a new dawn."  - Andrew Ward

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Frank Ocean: Blonde

"In-depth, mellow and full of heart, Blonde is a celebration of individual realisation and acceptance. " - Lois Browne

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Steven Julien: Fallen

"The complexity and intricacy of Julien’s work have led to the creation of a compelling record that extends further than two halves of a single narrative." - Georgia Tobin

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Powell: Sport

"It is abrasive in all the right ways; it's upbeat and just a little bit mad." - Tai Kolade

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Kanye West: The Life of Pablo

"One man’s trash is another man’s album of the year. The Life of Pablo shows that Kanye West can make a barnstormer out of whatever project files he has on his laptop at any given moment." - Nick Boyd

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Noname: Telefone

"Telefone is as much about freedom and hope as it is about the struggles of those whose voices may have been previously silenced." - Lydia Entwistle

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Rihanna: ANTI

"Laced with her usual amount of attitude and confrontational approach, ANTI saw Rihanna pulling the creative reigns with force and broadening her horizons." - Lois Browne

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Bwana: Capsule's Pride

"It is moody, ambient, thumping, transcendent, moving and beautiful all folded into an eight song ensemble" - Tai Kolade

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Juan Atkins & Moritz von Oswald present Borderland: Transport

"Gripping and transformative, introspective and dance-floor ready, Transport is an album to both lose and find yourself to." - Josie Roberts

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Beyonce: Lemonade

Omar S: The Best

Dorisburg: Irrbloss

Bjarki: AE




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